Solve the puzzle of the relic on the gateway to an empty seminary


No one is around. Except you as you read the adventures of what is happening in an old building once used to educate Priest’s during their training.


Nobody knows what the building will be used for next.


A fiction is being released soon. Click here to keep in touch.


There are many possibilities and a number of important people share their view points as the story explodes into Scotland’s Theatre world.


Except the story becomes more urgent.


  • Young men are going missing and leaving no note
  • No one wants to leave their house after dark.
  • A reconstruction video points to a villain.
  • The villain is discovered dead.


When the key hero of the action is jailed, he looks out and sees the solution. It’s a shame he will not be able to share this with the world for 14 years, on his release after good behaviour. Unfortunately, as the whole of the theatre world knows, Jack never was known for good behaviour.


Find out what lead Jack the lad astray in the new novel ‘Her Last Gasp’ by Lita Doolan.




Look out for a new and exciting novel about murder, mystery and theatre.  The ‘Last Gasp’ is on its way.

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