Resilient Snow



She slumped to the floor and felt dead with the exhaustion of fighting in vain against her attacker.  She vowed to start learning martial arts and had realised this was something she should have studied years ago what with living near the city.  It took a while before her muscles would respond to her need to move.  It was freezing.

Her pockets were being ravaged she realised she was being mugged as the hands around her body became fast and furious and the nerves of the attacker made him heavy breathe.  Who are you she asked in vain as she realised no criminal would respond to that question.  The perils of being easily trackable on periscope suddenly hit her as he kicked the back of her head.

She needed her finger on the pulse to keep the best search terms.  The notes left by the girl at the library had some clues as to what would draw people from the council to see how support was building for the relics to stay in place.  She had found a clue to the puzzle to get more and more followers on board.  She found a hashtag and search term that would draw in the biggest group at lunch time when she could get the best connection from the city centre.

What little cash and valuables she had on her were now taken along with her university id card.  Stop hurting my neck she screamed in response to the pain that thad now fought its way through the fear and shock she had been experiencing.  The surprise of the attack had rendered her helpless and then numb and had made an easy target of her.  She kicked herself for this and realised too there was nothing to do when the attacker had been watching her from a distance and online for a while.  She shouldn’t blame herself and could not help doing this as it was her social media status and spotlight that her number of fans had shone on her that had created this situation.

A light dusting of snow was in the air.  She felt like the bones of St Ursula both dead and totally alive.  The miracles that stemmed out of belief for St Ursula must be many.  The internet needed to be fast if she was to host a giant online tribe.  The broadband needed to stretch to fit everyone in.  These were the stories she needed to find to gather interest in the saint and first she needed to move her leg.  That would take a while for the blood to return and so she lay still, glad now she had avoided the father of the juice guy who she had intended to meet here.  At least she thought she had avoided him.

The darkness moved around her as she fell over a rubbish bin and towards a skip where the college square was being resurfaced.  It was time to bring laughter into her life and though this was a bit of fun on the surface she felt like she had chipped a tooth.  It would have to wait until later.  Her body resisted standing up and she looked up to see a shadow and a weight was on her shoulder.  She hoped dentistry was still free as her face had taken a blow.  The cold ice around her packed the wound together.  The pain eased.  It was going to be OK.  There was resilience in the numbness and it felt fine.


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