Empty barrel

He moves slowly. First she sees him as a shadow. Then the sound of his shoes are loud. She stops walking and the noise is gone. She cannot detect how close he is. The tone of his breath is drowned by the howl of the wind through the burnt out rail carriage. She was lost without her map. The dark made it difficult to read the street names. If she switched her torch on she could make a clean getaway and it would reveal her whereabouts in an instant. She made a split second decision to scream for help so he knew anyone around her would know if the danger be made her feel. An instant too late she screamed as the cannon shot from the castle to mark the late hour. Time enough to run towards a street lamp under the cover of the distraction. Safe for now. She still did not know if she had the power within her to make him go away. For now it did not matter. 


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