Slow Rain Falling

The bomb blast turned the car over. Oil from the tank trickled down the road moving gravel with it. The sea of stones was silenced by the sound of the explosion held in the air. The flames got taller scraping the few clouds that hung around. Looking at the fire muddled her thoughts as the rain that fell on her bare head gave her shivers. No doubt she was freezing cold. Her belongings were inside the railway carriage that was now hidden by smoke. She had lost all her clothes and if she had been one minute earlier her life would have gone the same way. That said all she could feel was the cold on her skin. As she stood there a split second longer – her feet would not budge – the reason she held back became clear. Someone was following her and now she finally knew their motives. It was time to find a friend in this world if only she knew where to look. The clock was ticking. 


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