Patterns in the Stone

She looks for patterns.  Something regular that will hold her in the spot.  She wants something to show her if she has been this way before.  A stone that is grounded would give her control over her days.  Life was challenging and there was no relief to the chronic mystery she felt as she knew she had to escape and could not put together a plan.

In front of her was a blank piece of paper she picked up off the ground.  It had been staring at her for an hour.  The bus stop she sat at was starting to get busy.  None of the faces looked familiar.  She looked up at the bus timetable and saw the number 8.  It was familiar.  A route that would take her somewhere important she felt.  There was no certainty and she got on the bus anyway with a used all day pass she picked up off the ground that had an hour left on it.  When the hour was up she would get off the bus and see where she was.  That would be her next landmark.  It was opposite to the familiarity of standing around in this same place that made her deeply fearful and this would make a difference.


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