When the Noises Go Off

New to the neighbourhood and from a good home she pulled up onto the driveway hoping for support off the residents. She had a busy life, a good career and she wanted to keep it that way. For this to work she would need ideas on who can help her with taking the trash out and walking the dog. Everyone looked friendly only no one bit much. In the daylight everyone looked a little tired. Maybe they didn’t sleep at night. Soon the real reason would shock her.

The first week was a blur. Lying in her bed she could hear her own voice. She woke up screaming and that was all that was in the air. An echo came from her lungs and boomeranged around the old property. It had been cheap to buy the house, the owner wanted cash and looked in a hurry. For her this rushed the decision and she had not checked out the neighbourhood that well. Anyway how did you know a house has a noise trapped inside when no one lets you sleep in an empty locked house that has been on the market for years. The noise had become like her own voice. They sounded the same the more she listened made her mad.

During the day she should have been celebrating. She was out there doing it – living on her terms with her own house and mortgage. Freedom came with a heavy debt around her shoulders and she tried to think about how she could pay it off faster so she could enjoy the house without this worry. Except the money she owned wasn’t her source of anxiety. It creaked at night. After a week of denial she came clean with her self. Staring into her own eyes in the mirror as she cleaned her teeth she accepted there were noises that came alive during the night that came from under the floor boards in the hall. Too loud to be ignored and too quiet to be fixed by a mechanic she was stuck with the way they echoed through. And the noises only came at night so who else would hear them but her?

The ache in her head and the noise under the stairs was duller as she got used to it. It was under many floor boards now and had been there for a while. It would not go away. How could it. There was nowhere for it go and it was something she had got used to. It no longer drove her to an anger which destroyed her days. There were few friends who called now and she was glad of that as no one then knew of the noise she was hiding in the hall.

You will be shocked how much you can get used to a bad thing she wrote in her diary. Each page her insurance plan in case something bad happened next. She left the book open where it would be seen. The noise was something that came from a hole in the ground. The house that she had bought had been priced cheap because of it. At least she had a roof over her head. If this escape plan can work for her it can work for anyone she thought. The noise will exist and she will have options. There will always be somewhere to go even if it is in this same house that holds a mysterious noise no one can name. It was time to go as light was fading, she could not take another night of the hollow sounds and so she left no forwarding address.  Her life was no incomplete.



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