Lost in a crowd



The noise from the left behind phone revealed to the small child who picked it up where the girl was from.  Distressed messages from a voicemail blasted through the phone as the toddler played with a new toy.   The tall man sweating in the corner would have paid serious money to hear any of the messages that had been left for the lost girl he was searching.

The woman on the phone spoke of being in prison and he could have closed the net on the missing girl if he knew which one. The child in the fast food restaurant looked at the happy meal in front of him that came with a cool shiny new toy. The phone was rubbish compared to this and so he dropped the handset into his cola cup, just to see what would happen. The phone signal, voice mail messages and the important SIM card were all wiped on impact.

The lost girl who roamed the streets without her mobile was just another part of the crowd outside now.  It meant she was safe from discovery, if that’s what she wanted . The man looked around and knew he had no clues left and so he had to search up and down Princes St for a lost girl running away from him with no phone.  He stood firm outside the restaurant looking ahead and then a tram cut him off from the crowd completely. It wasn’t his day. And he knew there would be others.

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