Empty box

bessa last gasp

Bessa had started work here ten years ago and her hopes for the theatre had been very different.  Today she had more hope than money.  Which wasn’t hard because she hadn’t been paid for weeks.  Her dreams were afloat.  All around Bessa were the remains of the party the staff had held for the closing of the theatre.  She found it hard to celebrate but could see they were glad a new space had been found for them out of town and closer to where most of them lived.  Everyone was talking about the recording studio that would allow them to make pop songs in their lunch hour.

Bessa wished they would honour the rehearsals she had asked them to attend to make sure the outdoor performance at the historic Provand’s Lordship would be worthy of its beautiful location. The garden had a perpetually running fountain and the sound of it was hard for even the best travelled tourist to ignore.  All Bessa could do was to make sure the bar was left clean and tidy and exactly as she had found it.

It was time to move on but Bessa found it hard to move on.  One last box she hadn’t opened since she started working there lay unopened.  It was made of cardboard and looked like old till receipts.  It was light.  Inside she saw it was filled with fifty pound notes.  The mysterious box had been filled with money all the time.  This would change everything and now Bessa could not wait to leave the old building.  Now she knew exactly what she would do next.


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