Bessa wanted the seminary to fall to the ground.  She wanted the future to be hers and hers alone.  She didn’t want the story of her past staring at her every time she left the house.  The empty 100 rooms where priests had once trained lay empty and the high altar had a mark upon it.  Most thought it was graffiti.  Bessa knew it was a symbol and she had spent her entire life trying to make sense of it.


She used to play skipping games with a rope tied around the sculpture of the Spanish Queen that stood at the gate of the entry to the old building.  Her and Zoe made up rhymes to make sense of the mark that had been left close to a private chapel.  Everyone had long left the building and the deserted bricks had the remains of an old monastic garden growing through it.


She felt the responsibility to do something about what she knew.  The homeless had used the old building as a cover for the night when the weather was cold.  The revealed the menace that faced them through the symbols they left.  The matching chalice that would fit into the old altar would show that the marking on the marble was older than this.


As the new year came towards Bessa she sat on a wall.  The last piece of the trading wall close to the seminary that was left by the Romans.  Hadrian’s wall was where the answer left.  The seminary had been built around an old Roman symbol.  The stone was older than the Normans.  The other piece of it lay in the old medieval house in Glasgow.  The sleepless nights Bessa had endured as a child had lead her to solve this puzzle.  If the building had Roman origins it would never be touched and the latest plans were to make it into an Arts Centre.


Did she celebrate the new year by embracing the plans to make the building into an arts centre or did she contact a heritage organisation to share her idea?  Whatever she decided the new year would come and go and she was just sat on a cold old stone wall.  The stone was as old as the high altar close to her.  That was the problem.  Old acquaintances could never  be forgot.  They were always brought to mind while she lived in the house she had never left.  As the sun crept up above the horizon, Bessa had a huge decision to make, where would she call home for 2015.



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