Blurred Boundaries



I can only be who I am she thought to herself as she stepped forward into the darkness.  Will it be enough she panicked because the stage was empty except for her.  It hit her.  Standing in the dark she was totally alone.   It was certainly her time.  It was her turn.  She was the only one there.  She had to speak. No one else was going to help her now.  It was down to her if she could just push the envelope and stay the course.

She stared forward into the theatre.  What she saw felt cursed.  There were empty seats she would have to fill if she got the part.

She watched her shadow.  The light on her was so bright it made her feel naked.   She could not see who was watching her.

Even before she handed her photograph and CV in at stage door for the audition she wanted to run fast and get far away.   Now it was too late.  She was out of her comfort zone and into a danger zone.  Her past had caught up with her because the lone figure in the middle of the stalls was watching had seen her before in a previous life.  He knew exactly where she had come from and where he would find her.  He would always be waiting.


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