Tell Tales


Her father had not stayed long as a Bishop after the family he created had been discovered  (the newspaper was an efficient story teller).  By now he would have been Archbishop; he would have fought for his job too, and for the seminary that closed after she was discovered as his child.  It was hard for her to find work after the newspaper told tales on her mum;

her last job had been in an office where she had accidentally faxed a closure notice to a company who made ice cream vans that wanted to branch out into sorbets. She felt she had betrayed the trust of the employer until the struggling sorbet company sued. It was funny how the financial service industry worked, one debt shifted to another, nothing ever got paid for: Just like the sins of her father.


Find out what happened previously here

This is an extract from forthcoming book ‘her last gasp’ keep up to date with its release here

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