Story of the Butterfly Tree



The plants in the graveyard grew through centuries of Bessa’s ancestors rebuilding the Glaswegian suburbs.  Bessa felt her story underneath her feet as she made her escape from a life that would never change.   Their old bodies supported the land.  Their last contribution was to make the council support the necropolis as a piece of history.  By their death, this kept the monuments standing and the greenery protected whilst the houses that surrounded them became poorer and were destroyed.  Bessa knew the butterflies that lived off the trees depended on it.  The space left by the believers leaving Glasgow Cathedral that no longer heard mass could be protected now.  As Bessa ran to catch the bus that brought more people to visit the graveyard, her feet sank deeper into the soggy forgotten turf that held secrets that stayed buried underground.  Her leaving the past behind her drew more people to the community.  She was making waves and would return with something bigger and better for the insects to feed off.  She was going to return the urban Scottish land back to green fields so nature could be remarkable and an asset.  Scottish gardens would flourish as soon as she got to London as long as she stuck to her plan and no one got in her way.  And that was something Bessa would not allow, under any circumstances.


Find out what happens next here

This is what occurred earlier

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